HOUSE & SPACE CLEARINGS WITH SHA - This has been a true life's "purpose" for me. I have had many interactions with spirits/ghosts/poltergeist activity over the years starting from childhood and greatly increasing when I had my daughter. I have learnt over the years how best to handle these situations and move the spirits on with loving intent.

I started professionally doing House & Business Space Clearings over 8 years ago and know that this is following my life's purpose, my reason for being here. I take it as a great honour to be invited into your home to help remove anything that is not serving the highest good of anyone residing there. I also honour the ancestors, guides and angels that are there to help you in your journey. 

House & Space clearings can vary greatly, from homes that have had a lot of stored negative energy due to arguments, drugs, depression, houses that have full poltergeist activity causing harm & generally making a nuisance of themselves to beautiful new home blessings where I clear out the old resident's energy so you can move into your new home with a clean, fresh loving vibe.

My fees are:

  • Price dependant on location/property 

For a quote or to book a clearing, call or TXT Sha on 0410 422 631 or message our FB page.


TAROT READINGS WITH SHA - I have been a oracle reader for as long as I can remember. I moved to reading the Tarot about 8 years ago and it's hands down my favourite way of reading as I can quickly get to the issue needing to be addressed & discussed.

There are no two Tarot Readers that present their readings the same. My readings are a bit different as I don't read the Tarot in a traditional way. They present themselves as a book for me, a guide to show the way with the the help of spirit whispers too. I feel truly blessed to do what I love.

My fees are:

  • $70 - In person or Video Call readings are available

You can purchase a reading here for yourself or a loved one and then call or TXT Sha on 0410 422 631 or message our FB page to book your session.



HEALINGS WITH SHA - I studied Reiki over 15 years ago and it has evolved organically with my own evolution to incorporate my love of vibrational sound healing and the beautiful healing energy of crystals.

When you come for a healing it is a absolute joy for me to be able to see your energy start to vibrate and transform in a positive way. I have worked with clients suffering from anxiety & depression, sadness, grief, addictions etc.

Everyone's healing journey is unique & for me to be able to help facilitate this journey I hold the space with reverence and love, ensuring you are always protected throughout.

My fees are:

  • $50  - 30 Min Healing - Distant Healing
  • $50  - 30 Min Healing.
  • $100 - 60 Min Healing.

You can purchase a healing here for yourself or a loved one and then call or TXT Sha on 0410 422 631 or message our FB page to book your session.