Hello Beauties,

Blessings to you and welcome to our magickal space in time. We are Michaela & Sha, the cofounders of The Rockin Cauldron. Honestly, we are just a Crystal Kid & a Witchy Woman who are passionate (obsessed) about all things crystals, witchy & down right magickal.

All of our products are ethically sourced, our crystals are hand selected, cleansed + charged with loving intent. Our magick is REAL and our incense is tox free. Energy doesn't lie, it leaves an imprint + we want to ensure that our imprint is for the highest good of our incredible Mother Earth + all the beautiful Earthlings that are blessed to call her home.


A few words from our Crystal Kid Michaela

My affinity + passion for crystals, spirituality + all things creative have always ran strong through the fibres of my very being. I was even affectionately nick named "the oracle" as a small child as I just knew stuff about things I really could never have known. However, I have only really been out of the "crystal closet", as I like to call it for a few short years as it was something I have always held close to my heart out of fear of ridicule + judgement from others. I no longer fear the "imaginary audience". Here I am, living my authentic truth, loving the life I am creating for myself & my little family. In a nutshell, I am a crystal loving, intuitive energy healing, creative junkie who also teaches kids yoga. 

I use crystals on the daily, for soooo many different reasons + I firmly believe "that what you are seeking, is seeking you". Which is why I like to intuitively hand pick all of the crystals we purchase, safe in the knowledge they will be reunited with their seeker + find their rightful home. I like to see myself more as a "crystal foster carer". Love, Love M x


Now a few words from our Witchy Woman Sha 

Hellooo, so a little bit about myself, I am a wife & mother, a Witch, a traveller of the earth & spirit realm. My life is full and I am so blessed to be living my authentic life doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do. I've been a Tarot Reader for many years after the Tarot called to me and it is my guide to opening up to spirit to give readings that are very personal & honest. I am often refered to as a "ghostbuster" as i am an experienced house & business Space Clearer, this is something that I am VERY passionate about, being trusted to come into your home and remove anything that is causing distress or upset in the house be it from poltergeist activity, heaviness, flat energy, children not sleeping etc and also new home blessings brings me absolute joy.
I'm also a Reiki/Sound/Crystal/Intuitive Healer which I have been doing for over 13 years and my healings have evolved over the years with my evolution and this is something that comes very naturally to me. Helping others is definitely something I am called to do.  Much Love, Sha xx


But, its not just us … we are a teeny, tiny business with BIG aspirations which basically means our awesome, supportive + very patient husbands Mark & Patrick get roped in to lend a hand whenever + wherever it is needed. Its a beautiful life + one that brings us all so much joy. 

We welcome you into our lives with so much love, appreciation + gratitude.

M & Sha