Hello Beauties,

Blessings to you and welcome to our magickal space in time, The Rockin Cauldron. Honestly, im just a Crystal Kid who is passionate (obsessed) about all things crystals, witchy & down right magickal.

All of our products are ethically sourced, our crystals are hand selected, cleansed + charged with loving intent. Our magick is REAL and our incense is tox free. Energy doesn't lie, it leaves an imprint + we want to ensure that our imprint is for the highest good of our incredible Mother Earth + all the beautiful Earthlings that are blessed to call her home.

My affinity & passion for crystals, spirituality & all things creative have always ran strong through the fibers of my very being. I was even affectionately nick named "the oracle" as a small child as I just knew stuff about things I really could never have known. However, I have only really been out of the "crystal closet", as I like to call it for a few short years as it was something I have always held close to my heart out of fear of ridicule & judgement from others. I no longer fear the "imaginary audience". Here I am, living my authentic truth, loving the life I am creating for myself & my little family. In a nutshell, I am a crystal loving, intuitive energy healing, creative junkie who also teaches kids yoga. 

I use crystals on the daily, for soooo many different reasons & I firmly believe "that what you are seeking, is seeking you". Which is why I like to intuitively hand pick all of the crystals we purchase, safe in the knowledge they will be reunited with their seeker & find their rightful home. I like to see myself more as a "crystal foster carer"

But, its not just me … we are a teeny, tiny family run business with BIG aspirations which basically means my awesome, supportive & very patient husband Mark & our little's Ru & Ella get roped in to lend a hand whenever & wherever it is needed.

Its a beautiful life & one that brings us all so much joy. 

We welcome you into our lives with so much love, appreciation & gratitude.

The Rockin Cauldron Crew