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Made from wood this durable and sturdy mortar and pestle is a must have ritual and magical tool that can be used to

  • Prepare an assortment of herbs and spices, releasing their aromatics and enhancing their potency.
  • Create your own incense blends.
  • Grind dried flowers and herbs to create tea blends and tinctures.

For many, the careful preparation of herbs, resin, spices, seeds and flowers in a mortar is one of the most important steps when creating ingredients for any spell or ritual work. Grinding your own ingredients adds your personal energy and is a great way to place intention and dedication before any cooking, healing or magic. 

In this process, concentrate on what you are doing and be present in the preparation of these ingredients - allow the energy of each herb, spice flower etc to flow through and around you. This mortar and pestle enables you to better connect to the ingredients you are using and enhance the spell or energy work you are doing

DIMENSIONS:  8cm x 11cm