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Lepidolite is a beautiful stone with its soft lilac colour and soothing energy.

This is a wonderful stone for promoting joy, gratitude, and self-love, yet all in an extremely calm and serene way. The quiet contentment afforded by lepidolite crystal makes it very easy to connect better with your higher self, or overall spiritual side.

If you find it incredibly difficult to say no to people, to put yourself first when the need arises and to get in touch with yourself without feeling guilty or as though there is something you ought to be doing, this is the stone for you!

Like a slow and calming river, the energy of this crystal is going to help you to see the value of idleness, of stopping and just allowing yourself to be.

Lepidolite will help you most in dealing with issues that are either paining or limiting you on a psychic level. This may include issues of grief or mourning, depression, or simply a feeling of apathy or being “out of place”.

Its power affirms your worth, and will remind you that you deserve happiness, love, success, and emotional comfort.


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