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This beautiful little crystal kit is just perfect to bring an abundance boost into your life.

CITRINE BRACELET || Citrine is known as the Stone of success, money, abundance & prosperity. It helps to raise your self-esteem, supports the digestion system & boosts your metabolism. Citrine is a great stone to support any business project as it brings motivation & good luck.

ORANGE CALCITE PALM STONE || Orange Calcite encourages playfulness, lightheartedness and confidence. It is a catalyst for inspiration, sparking your creative fire. It’s healing properties are powered by the Sun, and are very energizing and healing especially for anyone trying to break out of old patterns or overcome shyness. It has very strong energizing and cleansing properties, like all calcite. The orange calcite meaning is ideal for those who are looking for new and innovative ideas or solutions to ongoing problems. It gets the energy moving, encouraging you to look at things in a different light.

Each kit comes in a little bag. 



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