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Shiva Lingam are considered a sacred stone, their energy will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within your body.

This stone is found in only one of seven sacred Indian rivers, Narmada River. In Ancient Sanskrit text, the word Shiva means “sign” or “symbol” which translates to “Shivas Sign”. The Lingam represents the Brahmanda, which means “cosmic egg”, symbolizing the creation of both the divine male and female energies.

The energy of these stones is powerful to stimulate the energy system of your entire body helping to enhance your health and may aid an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

Shiva Lingam brings us into full balance and empowerment, connecting us directly with both the Divine outside of us and the Divine within us. It resonates with the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles, helping us to see this energy in ourselves as well as in others.

It is a powerful Tantric stone, teaching us how to use our sexuality as a form of prayer and creative energy.  It is most often used by healers to treat infertility and problems associated with the sexual or reproductive systems. It is believed to be an especially potent fertility stone and is often placed by, or under, the bed of a couple wishing to conceive.


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