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Carnelian is a grounding stone that is known to promote peace and harmony. It is associated with the Earth, emotional warmth, creativity, sexual energy, and reproduction.

Carnelian is also known to encourage courage and curiosity. It is believed to improve one’s outlook, promoting a cheerful and enthusiastic disposition.

Carnelian is also known to expel bad dreams and fears, especially the fear of death. In fact, Carnelian enforces one’s belief in the cycle of birth and death, and is strongly associated with rebirth, reincarnation, and past life recall. Carnelian can be used to see into the past.

Carnelian is also known to balance creativity and mental processes. It is considered a practical, sensible, and balanced stone. As such, Carnelian is an excellent motivator in matters of business and career.

Physically, Carnelian is associated with cleansing of the blood and is actually known to help stop nose-bleeds. Carnelian stimulates sexual appetites and is recommended for problems with infertility or impotency. Carnelian is also known to dispel arthritis, rheumatism, and lower back problems and is a remedy for fever, neuralgia, allergies and infection.