Hello Lovelies,

I am so excited to be posting our FIRST (of many) Blog Posts. I hope you enjoy the read. 
WOW! This year has been a complete doozy and it’s not over yet. The energy surrounding us right now can make us feel very unsteady and unsure. When life is constantly changing and the "normal" in our life shifts, the things we thought we knew can feel like they don’t have the same solid foundations they used. This can be super challenging to navigate through. 2020 is a HUGE catalyst for change and if you can try and embrace this fierce change energy and flow with it , it will make the transitions & shifts a lot easier to manage. The more you fight it the harder it will be for you.
One of the ways I feel is key to keeping yourself “sane” during any emotionally charged times is to GROUND your energy. Grounding is when you really reconnect back with Mother Earth, place your bare feet on the ground to connect in with her electricity, let your aura fan out and feel with all of your being completely connected in with our mothers heartbeat.
If you close your eyes and just let it all go, let everything just fall off you like mud sliding down your body taking away anything that has been weighing heavily on you, anything that has been holding you back, upsetting you, making you angry etc. Just let that shizzle slide right off you and into Mother Earth. She will take what is no longer serving you and transmute it to loving, positive energy. For she is you and you are her and your body will eventually return to her .. So let her hold you!
If you could lie down on the earth that would be better still, even sit with your back against a tree and feel the beautiful support of both earth and trunk. This is very powerful to help you to just let it all go whilst you feel yourself being filled up with strength and support. You are not alone and you have all the help you need within you, it just requires you to trust and connect in with the ALL of everything. 
So get outside and get your feet on & in the earth, go to the beach and lie on the sand, listen to the waves & allow the flow to float over you and carry you to a place of peace.
Breathe….. be still…. feel love surround you… let it go….. you are supported & held.
During the day if you feel yourself feeling woozy or out of your body & you cant just run out to lay on the earth :) you can reconnect in by holding a crystal or pop one in your bra or pocket. These beautiful crystal beings come from the earth and so you can use them as a way to link in with Gaia, The Mother. Jet is a perfect crystal for grounding as it is created from decaying wood under extreme pressure, any petrified wood, or smoky quartz would also greatly help with clearing and grounding your energy. Just intuitively pick a crystal that is resonating with you.
Burn some resin, frankincense is perfect to help ground. Inhale some Lavender essential oil to bring peace and calm around you. These are all easy techniques you can do at any point during the day to help you reconnect & ground your energy.
Blessings & Magick
Sha xxx

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